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The news business needs people who can code in the public interest and build the digital news products of tomorrow. If you can code, there's a job for you. Some of the top media companies in the United States are hiring developers right now. Check it out below.

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This listing got started in response to some Twitter chatter about needing a list of jobs just for journalist/developers. So Matt Waite started a Google spreadsheet and it just took off. What you see here is that same Google Spreadsheet, just wrapped in a much prettier URL.


This page is hosted by HotType Consulting LLC, an application development company for media. It's hosted on Amazon S3 and was built using Bootstrap from Twitter and Google Spreadsheets.

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This site's sole purpose is to get talented developers into the media business. Got a job? Add it to the spreadsheet. Thousands of people have seen the original Google Spreadsheet. We hope that with a proper URL and some luck thousands more will see this. So add your job and join our effort to raise the bar with tech and journalism.

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